Integrating the latest technologies in development, manufacturing and testing, Sailun Tyre’s products are at the forefront of a new generation of smart and high-tech products. The brand currently invests over 30% of its resources in research and development.

Always focused on technology R&D and innovation, Sailun has carried out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with universities, research institutes, and high-end laboratories around the world. It has brought in a large number of international technical experts and formed a technology R&D system with proprietary intellectual property rights and continuous innovation capabilities. Through “an open technology innovation platform for deep integration of production, education and research”, Sailun strives to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tyre industry.

Some of Sailun’s certifications include:

• ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Certification
• ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification
• ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Systems Certification
• China Compulsory Product Certification
• United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification
• E-Mark Certification from the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
• TÜV German

Sailun’s quality management systems have been certified by ISO9001 and IATF16949 and environmental management system ISO14001. In 2015, a group quality management system framework was established. In 2016, Sailun achieved unified group certification. In 2017, the system was substantially revised. In 2018, the revision was completed.

Sailun's computerised tyre production and manufacturing processes - in conjunction with management techniques and network control systems - allows it to effectively monitor quality control, resource management, marketing, administration and logistics. In addition, Sailun uses advanced information technology to help track the data of each tyre produced, and to benchmark the Sailun tyre quality against other leading international standards of quality and design. Sailun collaborates closely with academic institutions to develop and improve formulation techniques, tyre structure, tyre testing methods, and information technology.